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    Январь 2021

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Источники:    The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery     Cincinnati Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

35th Annual Advances on the Knee, Shoulder & Sports Medicine Course
Another amazing year is in the books for the 34th Annual Advances on the Knee, Shoulder, Hip & Sports Medicine Course! We hosted over 350 in attendance at the main course, Sportsmetrics & Blood Flow Restriction Training. We will offer all 3 courses again next year and hope to see you there!  SAVE THE DATE:
May 21-22, 2020:  Sportsmetrics
May 22, 2020:  Blood Flow Restriction Training
May 23-26, 2020:  Advances on the Knee Shoulder & Sports Medicine
Local 12’s Liz Bonis interviews orthopedic surgeon Frank Noyes on his latest research for What’s Happening in Health
Recently, reporter Liz Bonis interviewed Dr. Noyes and his patient Katie Sloneker on a new treatment option to build ACL strength following surgery. Dr. Noyes’ research on the method, which involves restricting blood flow while exercising, has found that it helps patients build the strength they need to prevent re-injury or qualify for surgery in the first place. Following that interview, which ran on Local 12 news, she invited Dr. Noyes to the studio to interview for her program What’s ...
ACL Injuries in the Female Athlete Textbook: Over 27,700 Chapters Downloaded and Counting
Dr. Noyes has many research interests and one of the most prominent is the prevention of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in female athletes. ACL injuries can cause long-term problems in the knee joint, including the early onset of osteoarthritis. It has been evident for some time that a gender disparity exists in noncontact ACL injuries, with female athletes suffering 2 to 6 times the injury rate as male athletes in sports such as soccer and basketball. In response to ...
Team Physicians Must Advocate for Lifelong Musculoskeletal Well-being
Sports medicine providers, especially those privileged to function as team surgeons, can at times be faced with an interesting dilemma. The truth is our livelihood seemingly depends on injured athletes. Our clinic and operating room schedules fill up during the height of sports seasons with athletes hoping that we can help get them back in the game. Most of us grew up as participants and fans of the games we are now covering. After hours of dedicated sideline and training ...
Dr. Hasan featured in Journal of Arthroscopy and Related Surgery
Intra-articular glenohumeral injections are commonly performed during the non-operative treatment of various shoulder conditions, including adhesive capsulitis, biceps tendinopathy, and glenohumeral arthritis. Studies have demonstrated superior accuracy of fluoroscopic- or ultrasound-guided injections compared with palpation-directed injections. However, the advantages of these injection techniques need to be carefully weighed against the disadvantages related to increased time and cost associat
Cincinnati Orthopedic Knee Surgeon Recognized as Most-Cited in the World
Dr Frank R Noyes received the honor of being recognized (Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery) as the Orthopedic Surgeon who received the most citations of his clinical outcome and research publications in the world literature on Knee research. The study analyzed 94 orthopedic and rheumatology journals selecting the 100 most referenced publications in the past 70 years throughout the world. This list of 100 most cited publications in Knee Research represents “a list of intellectual milestones
Dixie Heights plays for a championship!
Congratulations to the Dixie Heights football team for advancing to the Kentucky 6A State Championship game this weekend after defeating the Ballard Bruins from Louisville 48-21. Dixie Heights will play Louisville Trinity on Saturday, December 6 for the title. This is the furthest the football team has advanced in the state tournament since the school was founded in 1936. On behalf of Dr. Samer Hasan (team physician), Jay Bowers (athletic trainer), and our entire staff, Cincinnati ...
Hyperextension Gait Abnormalities
Click Here for the Full Article
It is well appreciated that patients with chronic insufficiency of the lateral and posterolateral structures of the knee may develop a gait abnormality that is characterized by excessive knee hyperextension during the stance phase (initial contact or heel strike, loading response, midstance, and toe-off) of the gait cycle.
The primary lateral and posterolateral structures of the knee joint are the fibular collateral ligament (FCL) and popliteus muscle-
Dr. Busam Gives Back
Dr. Matt Busam, an orthopaedic and sports medicine specialist with Mercy Health/ Cincinnati SportsMedicine, continues to give back to the community that helped him become the orthopaedic surgeon he is today. An Elder graduate, Dr. Busam grew up on the West Side and after finishing Medical School, Residency, and being Fellowship Trained in Sports Medicine, he returned home where he now treats and helps educate the community in injury prevention and management of orthopaedic related problems. Matt
Bengals Make A Grant To Test For Concussions
The Cincinnati Bengals have made a $5,000 grant to Mercy Health to help cover the cost of testing athletes at 28 area high schools for concussions. Click here for the full story