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Источники:    The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery     Cincinnati Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Change in Talar Translation in the Coronal Plane After Mobile-Bearing Total Ankle Replacement and Its Association with Lower-Limb and Hindfoot Alignment

Mobile-bearing total ankle replacement (TAR) enables motion at the tibial implant-polyethylene insert interface. This motion could lead to coronal translation of the talus relative to the tibia and may affect radiographic outcome. We aimed to assess the translation of the talus before and after mobile-bearing TAR to determine whether translation of the talus after TAR is associated with coronal plane alignment of the lower limb and hindfoot as well as to investigate

The Use of the h-Index in Academic Orthopaedic Surgery

The Hirsch index (h-index), widely considered a valuable measure of assessing academic productivity, has been studied in various medical and surgical specialties and has shown strong associations between higher h-indices and academic promotion, as well as with National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards. Additionally, the m-index and e-index may complement the h-index in this assessment of merit. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between t

Measures of the Appropriateness of Elective Orthopaedic Joint and Spine Procedures

Total knee arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty are 2 of the most commonly performed elective orthopaedic procedures. They are remarkably successful in relieving pain and improving function in individuals with advanced, symptomatic arthritis. Since, in addition to providing benefits, these procedures pose risks, it is important to provide clinicians with guidance in determining which patients should undergo total joint replacement surgery. The development of the RA

Twelve-Year Outcomes of an Oxinium Total Knee Replacement Compared with the Same Cobalt-Chromium Design: An Analysis of 17,577 Prostheses from the Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry

Oxidized zirconium (Oxinium) was introduced as an alternative bearing surface to cobalt-chromium (CoCr) in an attempt to reduce polyethylene wear and decrease aseptic mechanical failure of total knee replacements. While noncomparative reports have been described as promising, we were aware of no short or long-term clinical studies showing the superiority of Oxinium on polyethylene as a bearing surface. Using data from a comprehensive national joint replacement regis

Physical Activities and Lifestyle Factors Related to Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

In addition to genetic factors, environmental and lifestyle factors are thought to play an important role in the onset of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS). This cross-sectional study was conducted to explore lifestyle factors related to AIS.


This study included 2,759 Japanese female junior high school students who planned a secondary screening after an initial moiré topography screening indicated possible scoliosis. T

Smoking Increases the Rate of Reoperation for Infection within 90 Days After Primary Total Joint Arthroplasty

The relationship between smoking and complications after total joint arthroplasty is unclear. Prior studies have been limited by relatively small sample sizes or investigation of select cohorts. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association between smoking and readmission and/or reoperation within 90 days of total joint arthroplasty in a large, non-select cohort of patients.


Using our institutional database, we ret

Rotational Knee Instability in ACL-Deficient Knees: Role of the Anterolateral Ligament and Iliotibial Band as Defined by Tibiofemoral Compartment Translations and Rotations

The anterolateral ligament (ALL) has been proposed as a primary restraint for knee rotational stability. However, the data remain inconclusive. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the ALL and the iliotibial band (ITB) on knee rotational stability.


A 6-degrees-of-freedom robotic simulator was used to test 14 fresh-frozen cadaveric knee specimens. There were 4 testing conditions: intact, anterior cruciate ligam

Thromboembolic Disease in Patients with Metastatic Femoral Lesions: A Comparison Between Prophylactic Fixation and Fracture Fixation

We are not aware of any previous studies that have compared the rate of venous thromboembolic events in patients who underwent prophylactic intramedullary nailing because of an impending fracture with the rate in patients who underwent intramedullary nailing after a pathological fracture. The objective of the present study was to determine if the rate of venous thromboembolic events varies between patients who are managed with prophylactic fixation and those who are

ACL Injuries in the Female Athlete Textbook: Over 27,700 Chapters Downloaded and Counting
Dr. Noyes has many research interests and one of the most prominent is the prevention of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in female athletes. ACL injuries can cause long-term problems in the knee joint, including the early onset of osteoarthritis. It has been evident for some time that a gender disparity exists in noncontact ACL injuries, with female athletes suffering 2 to 6 times the injury rate as male athletes in sports such as soccer and basketball. In response to ...
Team Physicians Must Advocate for Lifelong Musculoskeletal Well-being
Sports medicine providers, especially those privileged to function as team surgeons, can at times be faced with an interesting dilemma. The truth is our livelihood seemingly depends on injured athletes. Our clinic and operating room schedules fill up during the height of sports seasons with athletes hoping that we can help get them back in the game. Most of us grew up as participants and fans of the games we are now covering. After hours of dedicated sideline and training ...
Dr. Hasan featured in Journal of Arthroscopy and Related Surgery
Intra-articular glenohumeral injections are commonly performed during the non-operative treatment of various shoulder conditions, including adhesive capsulitis, biceps tendinopathy, and glenohumeral arthritis. Studies have demonstrated superior accuracy of fluoroscopic- or ultrasound-guided injections compared with palpation-directed injections. However, the advantages of these injection techniques need to be carefully weighed against the disadvantages related to increased time and cost associat
Cincinnati Orthopedic Knee Surgeon Recognized as Most-Cited in the World
Dr Frank R Noyes received the honor of being recognized (Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery) as the Orthopedic Surgeon who received the most citations of his clinical outcome and research publications in the world literature on Knee research. The study analyzed 94 orthopedic and rheumatology journals selecting the 100 most referenced publications in the past 70 years throughout the world. This list of 100 most cited publications in Knee Research represents “a list of intellectual milestones
Dixie Heights plays for a championship!
Congratulations to the Dixie Heights football team for advancing to the Kentucky 6A State Championship game this weekend after defeating the Ballard Bruins from Louisville 48-21. Dixie Heights will play Louisville Trinity on Saturday, December 6 for the title. This is the furthest the football team has advanced in the state tournament since the school was founded in 1936. On behalf of Dr. Samer Hasan (team physician), Jay Bowers (athletic trainer), and our entire staff, Cincinnati ...
Hyperextension Gait Abnormalities
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It is well appreciated that patients with chronic insufficiency of the lateral and posterolateral structures of the knee may develop a gait abnormality that is characterized by excessive knee hyperextension during the stance phase (initial contact or heel strike, loading response, midstance, and toe-off) of the gait cycle.
The primary lateral and posterolateral structures of the knee joint are the fibular collateral ligament (FCL) and popliteus muscle-
Dr. Busam Gives Back
Dr. Matt Busam, an orthopaedic and sports medicine specialist with Mercy Health/ Cincinnati SportsMedicine, continues to give back to the community that helped him become the orthopaedic surgeon he is today. An Elder graduate, Dr. Busam grew up on the West Side and after finishing Medical School, Residency, and being Fellowship Trained in Sports Medicine, he returned home where he now treats and helps educate the community in injury prevention and management of orthopaedic related problems. Matt
Bengals Make A Grant To Test For Concussions
The Cincinnati Bengals have made a $5,000 grant to Mercy Health to help cover the cost of testing athletes at 28 area high schools for concussions. Click here for the full story
CSMOC Joins Mercy Health
Nationally-Recognized Cincinnati SportsMedicine & Orthopaedic Center Joins Mercy Health;
Award-Winning Physician Team, Including Bengals Head Team Physician, Now Mercy Health Physicians
(CINCINNATI; October 14, 2013) – Mercy Health, which provides quality care with compassion in your neighborhood through its network of care, announces that the physicians, physical therapists, trainers and locations of Cincinnati SportsMedicine & Orthopaedic Center (CSMOC) are now part o
How Far Would You Travel For Great Care?
Justine had an amazing 6 knee surgeries before coming to Cincinnati SportsMedicine. She was in constant pain living with arthrofibrosis. Click the image to hear Justine’s amazing story and how with the help of CSMOC and Dr. Noyes, she was able to regain an active lifestyle. Did we mention she came all the way from Sydney, Australia??